Blow Wind Blow!

When see a tree
Standing silent in serenity;
You go from the stealthy tilth farm, During set of evening;
When the sun goes down.
Hold his trunk
Shake him till his below;
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
Blow with the brown leaves of larch;
Let them feel high
Strew them far.
Yeah! You stand in the storms
Like a will of willow;
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
Oh! Blow with the flaring of lanterns
With the moths of light;
So blow! Blow!
And fly them all.

Roar like a lion
Swing like dandelion;
A cart tilting on the bull’s back,
A small piece of cold steel;
Swinging in its neck.
With your puff of breath
Ring the bell and blow;
Oh! Blow! Blow
Blow! Wind blow!
No one can see,
touch but have;
You vim to realize
Your presence to all.
If heart is truly like
Charm in the wand;
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
And if you trapped
Tightly in glass jar;
Don’t stop by
The fight to walls.

Zephyrus of Iris
Messenger of Eros;
What can be called you?
Chloris’ lover or
Father of Karpos?
Who did melt Hyacinth?
Fragrance in the water flow.
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
Fructifying wind
passenger of bumblebee
In blue pasture of spring
Winnowing grain stars.
Your Anemo;
Flinging flower petals
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
And you wonder like a gypsy
Push the fin of giant mills
Take the colors of the rainbow
Paint all the clouds.

The celebration of love
On farewell to Chione;
Feast of flowery bawls
Annual divine wedding
Of Morana and Jarylo.
Twins those died in winter
But in spring reborn;
Oh! Blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
Ritual sacrifice, betrayal of love;
Changing phases of the moon
Regret in being frost.
You have might like
The king of swans
Then blow! Blow!
Blow! Wind blow!
Yeah! You don’t need pace off
Limits to ten horizons
Blow! Blow! Blow till four flanks.

Cinderella Story I feel trapped by myself; like a little bird that

clindamycin phosphate topical gel price log hypnotized in the mirror.

buy zithromax for chlamydia When You looked into me

cheap augmentin I fascinated, charmed and free.

Your shadow on the door;

want to see you more,

wandering in the street alone.

There isn’t possible to believe

how you make it crystal clear.

I woke up from the dream;

still looking fancy in the real.

When you around here,

It seems I live in a Cinderella story.

I see depth in your eyes;

rainbow colours and velvet shines.

Your tricks were so clean;

trying, tripping my heart to steal.

Me kite, you are thread, bound;

flying and go around,

Your voice and your sound

I want to hear.

When You passing through the crowd

got hurt, in hurry, slipped on stairs.

I didn’t see it before

all were crazy you for,

just as you blow your hair;

It seems, I live in a Cinderella story.

Please come back to me;

Your everything will as you wanna be,

as follow you as honey by bee.

Don’t miss all these things;

and cover me.

What in past we did;

many letters I wrote many letters I blew;

many letters you threw,

many letters you tear;

Don’t make wait to me

month runs just like years.

It’s not like I live in a Cinderella story.

Go Youth Parliament

स्वामी विवकानंद ने कहां,

“यह दुनिया निर्मल्यो के लिए नहीं है, भाग छुटने की कोशिश मत करना। जाग्रत हो जाओ, प्रगतिशील बनो, मानव जीवन श्रनभंगुर है, इसलिए मानव जीवन में ऐसा कार्य करो की सब आपको याद करे, वरना फिर आप में और पत्थर में क्या भेद रह जाएगा। आप में दबी हुई दिव्यता प्रकट करे।”